Welcome to my blog about struggling with infertility.  I hope this can be a place of openness and honesty.  I plan to write what I’m feeling at the time I’m writing it… part stream of consciousness, part self-reflection, part mindless venting.  I go back and forth between coping with this in a healthy way and coming completely unglued.  I plan to blog about both.  My days go up and down, and I plan to reflect that here as it happens.

I know writing this will help me, but I also hope to help anyone who’s reading this realize that this journey is so difficult that anyone would feel nuts half the time.  Please comment, if something impacts you or if you feel inclined.  I read all of my comments every day.  I love hearing from everyone.  If you’d like to introduce yourself, please feel free.  Welcome and thank you for finding me.

2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Erin S. says:

    Dear onebasket:
    I went through 11 years of infertility and also currently have diminished ovarian reserve. I just want to share something with you, having had gone through ultimately getting pregnant after 6 years of testing (endometriosis and immune problems) and finally having a baby: a donor egg will give you an extremely fulfilling experience. The child will feel like yours. The child IS yours in virtually every way, and you will feel blessed you had this child and experienced giving birth. Maybe even more blessed than anyone who never had an infertility issue to this extent.
    There are those blogs out there where people complain, “I’m 27 and it’s taken me a year to get pregnant! Waaaa! But I have a 2 year old son…” Seriously? My heart aches for you. I felt like an evolutionary failure, Darwin at work. Do the donor egg, borrow your life away, get your baby or babies, and have the time of your life. It is my firm belief you will be happy, complete and utterly fulfilled, as I have. Never stop!

  2. nursejayton says:

    hi im jayton nice to meet you,wishing you the best of luck as u progress along this road of infertility,may be comforting to knw tht i myself share in the hardships ,dissapointments and all the sadness tht surrounds infertility. I have a blog or my own, and ill follow ur blog if u follw mine..lol. Do hope that we can help each other along this journey

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