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New Revelation: I’m Way Too Creative When It Comes to Dreaming Up Catastrophes (DE mentioned)

Last night Gary and I celebrated the 12-yr anniversary of when we met and went out to dinner.  Who wants to take bets on whether or not I started crying at the table, in the French restaurant, in front of … Continue reading

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I was looking around the internet for fertility info and found on a support thread this fun video called “My Aunt Jane Knows More Than My RE.”  I thought I’d share. I made roughly 3 to 5 million phone calls … Continue reading

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Getting Myself Together

I’m still looking for a donor and I’m still grieving.  I still have a crazy family.  I still have to go to work, though I did take the day off today – I had a clear schedule already because I … Continue reading

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Looking for a Donor

Looking for an egg donor sucks.  My husband and I first started doing this in late 2009. We knew we may have to resort to this, but we never wanted to.  Now we know we have to do it.  I … Continue reading

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Retrieval Results

I went to the doctor’s office today with the pine cone in one side of my bra and the coral circle in the other.  I figured I wouldn’t be having general anesthesia because a) no one told me I would … Continue reading

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I Made an Egg

Today = More injections and my doc has scheduled a retrieval for Friday.  I can’t believe I made an egg.  I hope it’s viable.  I’m scared.

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New Rule: Injections Lead to Cookies

I did the injections last night and went back to the doctor this morning for more blood-work.  I heard from the nurses that my estrogen increased, which they say is good.  I’ll do more injections tonight and go back tomorrow … Continue reading

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