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I’m Finally Home – You’re Not Going to Believe This

I was discharged from the hospital Sunday with a PICC line.  For those of you who don’t know what that is (I sure didn’t), it is a catheter that goes into my arm, through my vein to my heart.  I … Continue reading

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Retrieval Results

I went to the doctor’s office today with the pine cone in one side of my bra and the coral circle in the other.  I figured I wouldn’t be having general anesthesia because a) no one told me I would … Continue reading

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I Made an Egg

Today = More injections and my doc has scheduled a retrieval for Friday.  I can’t believe I made an egg.  I hope it’s viable.  I’m scared.

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New Rule: Injections Lead to Cookies

I did the injections last night and went back to the doctor this morning for more blood-work.  I heard from the nurses that my estrogen increased, which they say is good.  I’ll do more injections tonight and go back tomorrow … Continue reading

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Back on the Rollercoaster

Today I went to the Dr. again.  The nurse called with my “update” and left this helpful message on my voice mail, “Hi, We’re changing your plan.  Tonight you’re (phone breaks up)  ___inject____fff___ so ____and come in again tomorrow fo______ … Continue reading

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Monitoring Me

Yesterday I had another ultrasound and blood-work.  They say they saw an egg, but it wasn’t big enough to retrieve.  I have to go back tomorrow for another round of blood-work and ultrasound.  They want to continue to “monitor” me. … Continue reading

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Another Ultrasound 8/6

Today we went back to have another ultrasound and more bloodwork. I started crying just thinking about discussing with the financial person what happens if this cycle doesn’t work and we have to use an egg donor. Fought with Gary … Continue reading

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