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Back to Life – Things That Keep Me Sane (Sort of)

Today is the last day I’ll be out of work.  I feel much better physically.  I’m glad about that obviously, but the truth is, recovering from this infection has been a huge distraction from my problem with infertility.  To be … Continue reading

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Babysitting Last Night

My husband and I babysat last night for a cousin who just moved into town.  The kids are 5 and 3.  It brought home why we’re doing all of this.  It will totally be worth it.  It’s so great when … Continue reading

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Self-Care Wednesdays

When I was going to acupuncture for infertility, my appointments were on Wednesdays.  I always had to leave the office right at 6 to get there in time.  I would tell people I was going to acupuncture, but I didn’t … Continue reading

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Getting Myself Together

I’m still looking for a donor and I’m still grieving.  I still have a crazy family.  I still have to go to work, though I did take the day off today – I had a clear schedule already because I … Continue reading

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The Beach

Went to the beach today.  Cried a few times.  Feel disconnected… and sad.  Going to the beach helped, though.  Sand and waves heal a lot.

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Redwood Pine Cone

Tomorrow is the retrieval.  I’m nervous.  I plan to bring with me 2 things that I’ve brought to all of my doctor appointment so far:  a pine cone from a redwood tree and a circle coral from my mom.  Why? … Continue reading

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Back on the Rollercoaster

Today I went to the Dr. again.  The nurse called with my “update” and left this helpful message on my voice mail, “Hi, We’re changing your plan.  Tonight you’re (phone breaks up)  ___inject____fff___ so ____and come in again tomorrow fo______ … Continue reading

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