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I’m Finally Home – You’re Not Going to Believe This

I was discharged from the hospital Sunday with a PICC line.  For those of you who don’t know what that is (I sure didn’t), it is a catheter that goes into my arm, through my vein to my heart.  I … Continue reading

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I’m Still In Hospital

I’m still here. Supposed to be dc’d tomorrow.  I guess it was pretty serious.  More later, when I’m home.

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Self-Care Wednesdays

I almost forgot it’s Wed!  When you’re in the hospital all the days run together. Today’s Cool Video I found on Youtube: More later!!

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I’m In the Dang Hospital

I’m upset that I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog, but I have been hospitalized since Sat.  I have acquired an infection that moved to my blood.  The doctors are theorizing that this is the result of … Continue reading

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Babysitting Last Night

My husband and I babysat last night for a cousin who just moved into town.  The kids are 5 and 3.  It brought home why we’re doing all of this.  It will totally be worth it.  It’s so great when … Continue reading

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New Revelation: I’m Way Too Creative When It Comes to Dreaming Up Catastrophes (DE mentioned)

Last night Gary and I celebrated the 12-yr anniversary of when we met and went out to dinner.  Who wants to take bets on whether or not I started crying at the table, in the French restaurant, in front of … Continue reading

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Self-Care Wednesdays

When I was going to acupuncture for infertility, my appointments were on Wednesdays.  I always had to leave the office right at 6 to get there in time.  I would tell people I was going to acupuncture, but I didn’t … Continue reading

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